Is this website calling us dumb?

Intelligence comes in many forms, in my humble opinion. You can be a book worm in the classroom and ignorant in the streets or vice versa. I've known a few people in my day that could out GPA me, but couldn't find their glasses sitting on top of their own head.

So to say we're "not the brightest" in the south is just rude.

A website called Zippia-The Career Expert recently put out a list of the Smartest Cities in America. They looked at various factors like adults holding college degrees and then number of those who dropped out of high school. Based on that info alone, Zippia says we are not the brightest.

How did the Ark-La-Tex do out of 50 states?

No. 38 Texas
No. 45 Arkansas
No. 48 Louisiana

Yep, those low numbers mean we could crack a book more often.

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