Hopefully the New Orleans Saints can bottle-up their COVID-19 outbreak before it gets too out-of-hand.

It's certainly no stretch to call it an outbreak, though, as the number of Saints personnel to contract the virus continues to grow this week. Earlier today, rumors first began to circulate that one or two coaches have tested positive for COVID-19. As the day went on, the number began to grow and grow, not outside of the coaches room.

Earlier today, Adam Shefter tweeted the first confirmation of the outbreak, stating that a "handful" of coaches have tested positive. Later, as Shefter received more information from within the organization, it was reveals that eight members of the Saints organization have officially tested positive.

In total, as of this writing, six offensive coaches have tested positive, as well as the team's nutritionist, and one player. The identity of the player has not been released at this time, although CBS Sports says the player is currently on the IR. Which is a good thing, because it means there's a good chance the player is not with the team.

Also, Saints fans should be happy that at least as of right now, the only coaches who have tested positive are all offensive coaches, meaning the virus has not crossed into the defensive rooms as well. The nutritionist does have me a little worried, but I'm not sure how closely he works with the players. CBS Sports also reports that all of the coaches, as well as the nutritionist, are fully-vaccinated.

As of right now, this outbreak has not led to the cancellation and reschedule of the Saints' upcoming week two match-up against Panthers.

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