It's looking like we're dangerously close to being able to communicate only through hieroglyphics... I mean, emojis.

Remember sitting in school and learning about hieroglyphics? It was the picture language of the ancient Egyptians. They created this out of necessity in order to communicate with each other. Now, fast forward to 2018 where we are basically resorting back to this archaic form of writing because we're too lazy to call or text words.

Don't get me wrong, I love me some emojis. It's just ironic.

Now the 11th version of emojis are officially here, released on February 7. Redheads should be the most happy since they are finally getting their own line of ginger locks. You'll also find several options for hair, including no hair at all. Superheroes have made the cut, as well as legs and feet. As for food, you'll be pleased to know that mangoes, lettuce, cupcakes and bagels are making their debut. Even the humble salt shaker has stepped up to the big leagues, but sadly pepper is nowhere to be found.

See a complete breakdown of the new lineup of emojis here.

Is there an emoji that we need in the Ark-La-Tex? The first things that come to mind are crawfish, rodeo, and Mardi Gras masks. What item would represent our area best?

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