I'm a lover of food and willing to try just about anything once but I've never had any sort of food before designed to give you nightmares! Burger King has announced that starting on October 22nd for a limited time you'll be able to try their Nightmare King. The new burger has been proven through studies to increase the likelihood of having a nightmare.

Burger King teamed up with Florida Sleep & Neuro Diagnostic Services, Inc. for a sleep study to develop this new nightmare causing burger. The reason for the bad dreams is due to the effects on your mind and body from an overload of beef, chicken and cheese. 

Not just will the burgers give you nightmares but the new Nightmare King has Green Buns. The burger does sound delicious as it is a quarter-pound of beef with thick-cut bacon, mayo, onions and a fried chicken fillet... Will you try this new burger?

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