I cannot possibly stress to you how much I love my new life at Kingston Crossing. For so many years, I encouraged listeners to make a change that they and their family would love, so I’m so glad that I finally took my own advice and moved to Kingston Crossing.

We're settling into a three bedroom, two bathroom apartment, and the amenities just can't be beat:

1) Great location and atmosphere for young children. My two daughters, River (6) and Rosie (3), love coming home to their new apartment: Almost every time we visit the playground (which honestly, is at least once a day), there are new friends for them to meet. And I love knowing that this community is in one of the best school districts around; it's really an investment in my children's future.

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2) Private attached garage. I've never had one before, but I love knowing I'll never have to worry about scraping ice off my car again. It makes unloading groceries and all the girls' stuff a little easier.

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3) Walk-in closets. Speaking of all the girls' stuff, most parents know that the older children get, the more stuff they tend to have. The floor plans have generous closet and bathroom space, so my family is comfortable here now — and I see us being comfortable here for years to come.

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4) You can't beat the pool and outdoor kitchen. I mean, the photos really speak for themselves, but I plan to spend some serious time in both spaces when the weather warms up. It's nice to think about hosting friends and family without having to leave my neighborhood.

Kingston Crossing Amenities

5) High-end amenities, including a clubhouse and car wash. They also feature concierge services to lighten the load for busy families and professionals. They really have thought of everything!

These apartment homes are immaculate, to say the least. The space is incredible, will all-new appliances and gorgeous hardwood floors throughout the home. The marble counter tops are a plus too.

Eager to see if Kingston Crossing could be the perfect home for you, too? Click here to learn more and apply online, or call (833) 351-5686 to check availability.