Dating like everything else in our world continues to change with the addition of social media and dating apps leading the way. It's no secret that "people playing games" has always been an issue but in 2019 this is a lot easier and faster than ever before. Recent years we've coined new terms like ghosting and sliding into the DMs but now it's a new year and that means new terms to keep up with!

Pocketing is another way of looking at the Friendzone but instead of just hanging out as friends this is where you basically just dangle someone along. The idea comes from keeping someone you're talking to in your pocket in case something better comes along... A good sign you've been "pocketed" is if you haven't been introduced to close friends or family.

Cookie Jarring is similar to pocketing in a way but this one is where you keep someone as a backup with no real intention of dating them. You use them but parties or group events so you don't have to go alone but then put them back in the jar when you're done.

You-Turning is exactly how it sounds where you're talking with someone serious until you find something about them and it's a deal breaker.

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