Lots of strange things are posted to Ebay for sale every day. You can get everything on Ebay from a used ratchet set, to a Cheeto that vaguely resembles Marlon Brando.

Ebay Screenshot
Ebay Screenshot

Well, it seems that Shreveport has taken the weird Ebay cake this week with a posting from a man who is practically begging for you to take 3 graveyard burial plots off his hands.

The pitch from the Ebay listing:

"Need to sell these ASAP! Will add flowers! Our family is selling three side-by-side plots at the Forest Park EAST Cemetery in Shreveport, LA. They are Plots #1,2,3 Section 223, Lot 6. These plots are located in a prime sold out area one of the oldest and well established section's of the cemetery. Plots are located under a large, beautiful oak tree. We are asking $6500.00 for each, $13,000.00 for two or $18,000.00 for all three. This includes all transfer fees and endowment fees. THE CENTER PLOT MUST BE SOLD WITH EITHER THE RIGHT OR LEFT PLOT. The center plot WILL NOT be sold separately.  Thank you for your consideration."

And, as it turns out, this doesn't seem to be that strange a practice! After some clicking around, I noted that almost every state has at least one Ebay listing for a burial plot in a local cemetery. Is this the future of buying a final resting place for you and your loved ones? If you're looking for a peaceful place in Shreveport, check the Ebay Listing HERE, and put in your bids!

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