During his long and illustrious career, NASCAR legend Dale Jarrett won the Daytona 500 three times and even won the NASCAR championship back in 1999. Now, he's facing a new race: Beating coronavirus (COVID-19).

"Last week I tested positive for the coronavirus, but I’m doing great," the 63-year-old member of racing royalty shares in an interview with Krista Voda on NBCSN’s NASCAR America show on Tuesday (June 16).

"I've been one of the very fortunate ones, in that my symptom is only a slight cough through all of this, and it's really getting less and less every day. So, I'm doing really well," he says.

The NASCAR Hall of Fame member revealed the news during the NASCAR’s Hall of Fame announcement that was also held on Tuesday.

"All I can say is follow all the guidelines stay as safe as you possibly can and hopefully we can all get through this in the very near future," Jarrett tells fans from quarantine.

The diagnosis hasn't stopped his motivation, as he went on to interview Dale Earnhardt, Jr. about making it into the NASCAR Hall of Fame on Tuesday. "There's one person out smiling everybody else up there (in Heaven) right now, and that's your dad," Jarrett told Earnhardt, Jr., referring to how proud his late father would have been of his accomplishments. Dale Earnhardt died in 2001 following a last lap crash at Daytona International Speedway.

Jarrett is the son of 2-time Grand National Champion Ned Jarrett and the younger brother of Glenn Jarrett. In 2008, Jarrett retired from full-time racing and headed into the booth as a network NASCAR analyst for ESPN and NBC.

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