Kids... If life doesn't humble you, your kids certainly will.

There's something awesome about the genuine pureness of a child. Their minds are not altered by the ways of the world, they simply tell it like it is, whether you want to hear it or not. Today, my daughter spoke her mind and left me with a scorching burn.

To be completely honest, the girls and I have been worried about Halloween this year and what will look like for us Louisianians. If Halloween does take place during our COVID-19 pandemic, I would be so happy that I might just take my daughter up on her suggestion.

Early this morning, my oldest daughter, River, and I were talking about Halloween. Halloween is no doubt my kids' favorite holiday, minus Christmas of course. Although, some days it feels like Halloween is in the lead. They live for this holiday, and they change their mind on their Halloween costumes about three times a day.

So this morning, River and I were spit-balling on costumes for her and her little sister Rosie. She then flipped the script on me and asked what I planned on being this year. Like I do every year, I told her she can pick out what she wants me to be, and I will do it.

Without hesitation (or remorse, for that matter) River casually says, "I know what you can be. You can dress up as a chubby man, you're already wearing the costume."




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