According to the Good News Network, Shirley Lewis and her daughter, Rhiannon, left a showing of Mamma Mia after folks around her started complaining about her singing along with the movie.

Shirley has Alzheimer's disease, but absolutely adores the movie Mamma Mia. So her daughter and her went to the movie very excited. Shirley was enjoying herself so much that she started singing along, but the fellow movie goers around her started to make noises like huffs and puffs. Rhiannon didn't want to make a scene so she decided that they should leave.

Rhiannon posted about the experience online and it started getting some traction. When the theater found out about the situation they decided to host a Dementia Friendly showing of the film.

According to the Good News Network, over 100 people attended the showing and proceeds went to the Alzheimer's society.

Almost all of the women in my family on my mother's side have battled Alzheimer's. My grandmother was recently diagnosed. If my grandmother wanted to see Mamma Mia, I hope that she would get the opportunity to sing as loud and proud as she can.

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