I want a love like Morgane and Chris Stapleton's. They met over thirteen years ago while working as fellow music writers. They met up to write together and instead it was their first date. When they married, Chris Stapleton got "You Are My Sunshine" engraved on his wedding ring. They married in 2008 and have a daughter and a son. They continue to work together every single day both in and out of their home. Chris Stapleton repeatedly calls his wife Morgane his "greatest critic". She handpicks the songs that make it onto his albums and joins him on every tour. Their harmony is second to none on and off the stage.

In 2013 Chris Stapleton had just released "What Are You Listening To" when his father passed away. He and Morgane took some time off and went on a cross country trip and that's when they started writing for "Traveller" Chris Stapleton's first solo album. It's no doubt Chris and Morgane have unique hard to find kind of love. After watching them in concert I decided I want a man to love me like Chris loves Morgane. Watch how Chris Stapleton introduces his wife to the arena!

Ladies, get you a man that talks to you the way Chris Stapleton talks to his wife Morgane!

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