According to the Good News Network, the New York City Public Library now allows folks to check out neck ties and briefcases to make them look more professional for job interviews.

As of right now the library has 17 neckties, 12 different briefcases and handbags that you can check out for three weeks at a time. As long as you don't have a charge on your library card over $15 you are good to check out these items. You can also get several different resources to help you find a good job like informational pamphlets and books on tips about job interviews.

The New York Public Library hopes that this will spark a chain reaction and more libraries will start doing the same.

I know our local library, Shreve Memorial Library, does so much for the kids and adults in our area, but I am not sure if they do something like this. The next big thing going on at Shreve Memorial Library is that they are holding a seminar for new home owners. Get more details about the event here. Nonetheless, I would love to see this spread to our area libraries.

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