If you have kids, you know they can be a challenge.  They test your limits harder than velociraptors trying to find weaknesses in an electric fence.  Punishing them can be tricky - you've got to be hard enough to deliver the message, but soft enough not to drive a wedge between you.  While our definitions of "too hard" may vary, I think we can agree that punching kids in the face is right out.  Apparently, Willie Keanna Wilson does not agree.

The 34-year-old Monroe resident was arrested late Sunday night after an anonymous call sent deputies with the Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Office to her home.  That's when authorities reportedly discovered her 12 year old son had been injured.  He had blood on his shirt and his right cheek area appeared swollen.  Wilson told deputies that her child was "acting out" and "cursed her out."  According to her statement, she asked the boy to repeat what he said when he shoved her.  She claims after that, the two got into a fist fight.

The unnamed boy's account is slightly different.  According to KNOE, he told deputies that he and his mother were arguing when she hit him.  He claims that he was going to hit her back but, before he could she "pushed him against a wall and started punching him in the face...threw him down on a bed and started beating him in the face."

Willie Keanna Wilson is currently being held in the Ouachita Correctional Center on charges of cruelty to juveniles.

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