Brendan Mcloughlin, Miranda Lambert's new husband, has seen his name all over the headlines in recent days, after Lambert shocked fans with news of their wedding on Saturday (Feb. 16), but it's not his first brush with fame. The police officer was part of a video that went viral a few years back!

TMZ reports that the above video was taken during Pride Weekend in New York City in 2015. The short clip shows Mcloughlin and a fellow NYPD officer doing the "Cupid Shuffle" with some civilians in the middle of a street fair in Times Square.

It's a safe bet that Mcloughlin won't be dancing in the streets anytime soon, though: Reports indicate that he's been taken off his normal assignment of patrolling Times Square due to media scrutiny related to his surprise marriage to Lambert. TMZ reports that Mcloughlin has been temporarily reassigned to driving duty, chauffeuring his superiors for the time being.

Who Is Miranda Lambert's Husband Anyways?

Mcloughlin joined the NYPD in 2013 and works in the Midtown South Precinct. Lambert and Mcloughlin reportedly met in November, when Lambert was in New York City for a Good Morning America performance with the Pistol Annies. The national morning show tapes in Times Square, and Mcloughlin often handles crowd control for such performances.

Lambert and Mcloughlin reportedly married in Tennessee in late January, keeping their marriage a secret for a few weeks. However, sources say the couple is navigating a long-distance marriage for the time being, with Lambert in the Nashville area and Mcloughlin in New York City, but both traveling to see each other often.

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