If you missed yesterday morning's Ticket Trivia question, it had most of Kiss Country stumped for nearly an hour.  The question was, "Only 16% of men actually like it when their wife does (blank)."  The answer was "sleep in the nude."

Can you believe that 84% of all men would actually prefer their wives bundled up for that long winter's nap.   What's wrong with you boys?

Well, apparently the issue goes even deeper than that.  Guys don't even want their women in lingerie.  They want them in pajamas.  Yeah, pajamas.  I think I just threw up in my mouth picturing my Mom and Grandma in their flannel pj's. Course, that's where I had to get off the tracks, but the survey results don't lie.

Clearly, men recognize that lingerie is great when it's time for "other activities" but isn't practical or comfortable for actually going to sleep.

37% of men say they like it best when a woman sleeps in pajamas, 32% voted for lingerie, and only 16% voted for naked.

On the other side, 35% of women say they like it best when a man sleeps in boxers, making that the number one answer.

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