While Marvel’s 2019 Comic-Con Hall H panel came and went without any concrete news about a new Fantastic Four or X-Men movie — Kevin Feige didn’t let the moment go without leaving fans with a huge tease about what could come down the road.

As he closed out the panel, Kevin Feige rattled off a bunch of projects that are in the works, presumably further down the line than November of 2021, which is when the last officially announced project, Thor: Love and Thunder, hits theaters. They were, in order: Black Panther 2Guardians of the Galaxy 3Captain Marvel 3Fantastic Four, and “mutants” — meaning the X-Men in all of their many and glorious forms.

Now phrasing is important; Feige said definitively they were making Black Panther 2; he only said “I didn’t have time to talk about the Fantastic Four.” So it could be happening in 2022, or it could be happening in 2025 and still be a very long ways off. But Feige and Marvel would be fools not to make a Fantastic Four movie. So now it’s only a matter of time. The full roster of Phase Four of the MCU at this point is below.

Gallery — The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Full Phase Four Lineup:

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