If reality TV has taught us anything, it's that talent can be found in the most unexpected of places -- like a Walmart in Harrisburg, Ill. A local 10-year-old, Mason Ramsey, has earned internet fame thanks to his penchant for belting out Hank Williams covers in the store's aisles.

A fellow shopper caught Ramsey -- a native of nearby Golconda, Ill., according to Huffington Post -- dressed in jeans, cowboy boots, a white dress shirt and red bowtie, singing Williams' "Lovesick Blues." Written by Cliff Friend and Irving Mills, the song is from the 1992 musical Oh, Ernest and was first performed by Williams on the Louisiana Hayride radio show in 1948; Williams' recorded version of the song hit No. 1 on the Billboard country charts.

Once a Twitter user got ahold of the video of Ramsey's performance (which readers can watch above), the clip went viral ... and not for the first time! As it turns out, Ramsey's been spotted singing Williams' tunes in Walmart before: In 2017, a clip of him singing "Hey Good Lookin'" circulated on Twitter.

At that time, Clarksville, Tenn., radio station Beaver 100.3 invited Ramsey to their studio to perform the Williams classic; readers can press play below to see the clip. Ramsey's guitar is almost as big as he is, but he's clearly got a future in music ahead of him.

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