When it comes to marriage people always ask others for advice. However, they usually ask the wrong people to guide them in the ways of matrimony. Asking your bartender or your friend that has been married five times probably won't provide any good advice. The Huffington post asked probably the best source for sound marriage advice for way's to have a successful marriage. In this article they asked eleven divorce attorneys to give them their best relationship advice.

!. A sustainable marriage is not about love, it's about tolerance. -  Can you put up with your partners idiosyncrasies? If you can't stand them now the longer your in the relationship the more unbearable they become.

2. Give your spouse the benefit of the doubt. -  Don't always assume your spouse has bad intentions for what they do. There is nothing wrong with assuming the best of intentions. Even if you are not right it could lead  to a better relationship.

3. Don't be afraid to feed your spouse's ego now and then. -  Every spouse want's to feel like their spouse is really into them. Don't let bad things happen because someone makes your spouse feel good about themselves.

4. Put your spouse before your kids, -  I know this is hard to do. Many divorces are caused because parents let themselves drift apart over the years. Put your spouse first and the marriage will eventually flourish.

5. Don't wait until it's too late to work on your marriage. - Work on your marriage while you have something worth working on.

6. When you need to discuss something important, timing is everything. - When you have something important to talk about timing is everything. Talk to your spouse when they are ready to talk not at just anytime.

7. Know you can't change your partner. - People are who they are, you can't change them. Either accept someone for who they are or it's time to move on.

8. Love is about the little things. - go on dates, send flowers, say I love you just because.

9. Communication really is the cornerstone of every solid relationship. - People blame divorce on many different things, money, sex or growing apart. But the root cause is usually the lack of regular communication, Talk to your spouse.

10. Be an active listener.- When you have a discussion or an argument actually listen to what the other is saying. Show them that you care.

11. Marriage doesn't  get easier the second or third time around. - Just because you get tired of your spouses bad habits does not mean it will get easier the next time around.

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