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I have so many questions. How does one marry a doll, a non-sentient item you can order on Amazon, legally?

This is just about the most ridiculous thing I've seen on the internet in a long time. So this bodybuilder from somewhere in the Eastern block went viral for dating and then marrying his sex doll., Margo He dresses her up and poses her for all kinds of photoshoots and activities, even going so far as to mask around her to make sure that her non-living self doesn't get COVID-19.

This guy went so far as to stage an entire wedding complete with dancing, toasts, wedding cake, the works. What the heck is this? How is that legal? How did he convince his friends and loved ones to attend? Why didn't anyone have him committed to a psych ward? This is the most ridiculous thing EVER. And I'm guessing since he's gone somewhat viral for his weird escapades, he felt the attention waning and now needs more? Guess so, because now he's seeking a divorce from a marriage that seriously can't be legal even though the video says it was.

Apparently, while his rubber bride Margo was out for repairs, he couldn't contain himself and entered into 'relations' with two other plastics, Luna and Lola. He claims he's pansexual... saying he falls in love with a person, not a specific gender. Excuse me sir, but isn't the keyword there 'person?' Apparently, he's on the hunt for more dolls now. Maybe for their sparkling personalities? Follow more of Yuri Tolochko's antics on Instagram here.

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