I LOVE magic. I have been fascinated by sleight of hand trickery since I was a little boy.

One of my favorite shows to watch is "Penn And Teller: Fool Us" where prestidigitators try to fool the legendary magical duo. If P&T don't know how a trick was done, the contestants go on to perform in Las Vegas.

One of the magicians they had on was Mac King. He is already a Las Vegas magician and good friends with Penn. He didn't fool Penn and Teller with the trick he did on the show, but I did find another trick that he did that is unbelievable to watch.

You've seen the rope trick where a magician cuts a length of rope, then somehow the rope magically mends itself into one piece again. And that's usually the trick. Not with Mac King.

Check out his version of the rope trick. I've watched this video a dozen times...and every time, I'm fooled.


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