There were a lot of stories leading up to last night's LSU vs Texas match-up. It seemed to start with some "DBU" shirts Texas decided to make. But then we started to hear about how few tickets Texas made available to LSU fans. Then when the pictures and video from Austin started coming out yesterday, and everyone saw LSU's band forced into the upper deck, it became obvious that this was a petty week...

But when it came to the game itself, LSU came in with the 6th ranking in the nation, while Texas had the 9th spot. Making this a major Top 10 match-up. Which put a lot of eyes on Austin for the game.

LSU's new passing game was on full display, as quarterback Joe Burrow was 31/39 for 471 yards and 4 touchdowns. He did throw one interception, but the 471 yards is the second most in a single game for an LSU quarterback. Only Rohan Davey's 528 yards against Alabama in 2001 was better.

At the end of the night, LSU needed all of those yards too, as LSU leaves Austin with a 45-38 win.

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