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When you think of Louisiana and the Bengals, it used to be that the first thing to pop to mind were the Bayou Bengals - the LSU Tigers. But these days, that no longer seems to be the case. Because there's a lot of Louisiana folks, specifically people from Shreveport, jumping on the Cincinnati Bengals bandwagon. And while Joe 'Tiger King' Burrow may be a major contributing factor, he's far from the only reason.

Cincinnati Has Become LSU North

One of the biggest contributing factor to Louisiana falling in love with the Cincinnati Bengals is that they're basically LSU North. They have a TON of former LSU players. From Joe Burrow to Ja'Marr Chase. From Thaddeus Moss to Tyler Shelvin. Watching the Bengals is pretty close to watching the LSU National Championship team from a few years ago. It's pretty awesome to not only see these guys win and succeed in purple and gold. But to then watch them all end up on the same team at the pro level and succeed's unheard of.

Why Does Shreveport Love the Bengals?

On top of all the big named LSU players listed above, the Bengals also have several local guys on the roster. Evangel's own Trent Taylor caught the two point conversion to help the Bengals tie the game against the Chiefs and push Cincy into the Super Bowl. There's also safety Brandon Wilson who has been a special team stud for the Bengals (although, sadly, he's out with a torn ACL).

And, on top of the players, there's even a Shreveporter on the Cincinnati Bengals' Cheerleading squad. So, there's TONS of ties to not just Louisiana but directly to Shreveport.

Can the Bengals Actually Win the Super Bowl?

With the Saints & Cowboys both out of the playoffs, Louisiana seemingly has thrown their full support behind Joe Burrow and company. But, the question everyone has right now is this: can they actually beat the Rams to win the Super Bowl?

In short, they absolutely can. They just took down the Kansas City Chiefs, the team that was a favorite to win the Super Bowl since the end of last year. They had to win a bunch of highly contested games against quality teams to make the playoffs and get into the Super Bowl. So, why not the Bengals? They have the talent, they have the grit, they have the swag...I'm not sure there's a team they can't beat head to head.

Joe just know, if/when you win the Super Bowl, there's going to be a TON of people cheering for you in Louisiana. Just don't expect any of us to say 'Who Dey?'. There are limits to our love.


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