LSU football is huge in Louisiana and the biggest enemy in these parts is Alabama and Nick Saban. Jimbo Fisher at Texas A&M is a pretty good target for LSU fans. Tiger enthusiasts are cheering remarks made this week by LSU Athletic Director Scott Woodward about those two high profile coaches.


SEC coaches are in Florida this week taking part in the coaches meeting. Finebaum is broadcasting from his show from the meetings. His joke references the fact that both Saban and Fisher hail from West Virginia.

In the NIL feud, Saban struck the first blow accusing Fisher of "buying" players in luring the top recruiting class in college football.

How Did Jimbo Fisher Respond to Those Accusations?

Saban later apologized for his comments about Fisher.

And remember these two guys coached together at LSU from 2000-2004. Saban was the top guy while Fisher was the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach.

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