It was over a month ago that US Senator from Louisiana Bill Cassidy made the following statement during his questioning of CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky about her agencies statistics regarding COVID 19:

"If we don't know that natural immunity confers protection against future infections, it's because we decided not to look."

The Senator went on to criticize Walensky and the Biden administration, demanding to know why such a seemingly important area of COVID research is being ignored. Almost sixty days later, Louisiana's senior Senator is still waiting for an answer.

"They have not gotten back to us," Cassidy tells KEEL, "We...sent questions right after the hearing. It's been a month and they've still not responded."

And why have those questions - and that line of research - been ignored by the government's deep-state medical community? "I'm not quite sure," Cassidy, who is also a physician, continues, "It's very clear that the (doctors) who do this work recognize that natural immunity protects. Around the world it is acknowledged that previous infection (offers protection)."

In a previous KEEL interview, Cassidy voiced the same frustration at the CDC's seeming indifference. "I'm so frustrated,", he said, "They have the ability to know (that) immunity most likely lasts (a certain length of time). They're making a decision not to know."

"I'm a big believer in vaccines," Cassidy continued, emphasizing the Dr. Anthony Fauci has previously stated that COVID-recovered patients do have natural immunity. "We really don't know how long it lasts. We could know, within a ballpark for specific ages, just like we do with the vaccine, and (the CDC) has chosen not to know."

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