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The 2021 Louisiana Legislative Session went from April 12th, 2021 to June 10th, 2021, a total of 59 days. Of course, there was a special Veto Session held in July as well, but that only lasted for 2 days. But if we count those, we're still talking about 61 days.

Obviously, being a Louisiana legislator is a part-time job. Even in a year with a special Veto Session, the days most legislators work is about 16% of the calendar. But that doesn't stop legislators from being paid like they're full time employees.

On the Louisiana House side, all of the Top 20 highest paid Representatives make over $40,000 a year from the state. While all of the full-term Louisiana Senators made over $30,000 a year for their legislative work. Not a very big number, but when you consider the Per Capita income in Louisiana is $27,923 for a full year, it seems odd to have someone getting paid more than the average citizen, for about 60 days of work.

Looking at just the Louisiana Senators pay, we have ranked them from top to bottom. But what does their total take-home money include? Well, it's a combination of travel to and from Baton Rouge, housing and meals away from home, the number of days spent in the capitol on state business (not only when in-session) and general travel, both in and out of Louisiana. The Secretary of the Senate for Louisiana provided us with all of those numbers, and here is how the State Senate ranks based on that information:

Louisiana's Highest Paid State Senators

Here are all of the Louisiana State Senators, and how much they made in 2021.

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