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Now can we please get these teachers paid?

Long before COVID-19, I spoke loudly and often about how Louisiana teachers are grossly underpaid. IN 2020, WalletHub released a study showing that Louisiana was the 5th worst state in America for teachers which you can find HERE. Obviously, as many of you know, my mother is a Caddo Parish teacher so I may have some bias, but I don't think you have to have a teaching parent to understand that teachers in our state deserve more, and schools in our state deserve more.

With the recent Biden COVID bill, not only with Louisiana individuals be getting a hefty stimulus check, but also schools in our state will be given much-need financial relief.

Included in the bill along with everything else, is funding for our nations schools. Louisiana's cut ended up being a nice $2.6 Billion. That money will go directly to our Louisiana schools and will primarily be used to spay for COVID-19 protocols.

Speaking about those protocols, State Education Superintendent Cade Brumley says, "That’s expensive to do. You need more space, you need more bus routes, you need more sanitation efforts. So, first and foremost with the dollars, we have to make sure that we’re open for face-to-face instruction.”

After that is all paid for, Brumley says the plan is to put the rest of the money into recovery education efforts to help those who have fallen behind during the pandemic. He says, "And robust summer programming for families and looking at tutoring opportunities and looking at ways to support mental health for children and still the digital divide that exists across our state.”

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