It seems like folks in Louisiana may be a bit salty over the results of the NFC Championship game played over the weekend in New Orleans.   Calls have gone out for lawsuits, rematches, and outright boycotts of the biggest spectacle in professional sports - the Super Bowl.  There are a lot of reasons folks are citing as proof positive that the NFL fixes games, but the long and short of it is this - the Saints will not be national champions in 2019.

As if the billboards in purchased in Atlanta (home of this year's big game) proclaiming “Saints Got Robbed” and “NFL Bleaux It,” weren't enough - one angry Jefferson Parish politician thinks that our beloved Saints deserve a full-blown victory parade, on Sunday, February 3rd.  If that date sounds familiar, it should - that's when the Saints-less Super Bowl will be played.

According to USA Today, Councilman Chris Roberts is urging residents and business-owners alike to hold a Mardi-Gras style parade during the big game as a fun protest to the NFL mishandling of the blown pass interference call that many believe cost the Saints a trip to the Super Bowl.  No further details on the parade festivities are available at this time.

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