If you want to move out of "Single Town" you may have to move out of Louisiana.

"This, right here, is why falling in love is so (expletive) hard." Alex Hitchens shouted this at Sara Milas in the 2005 movis, Hitch. Although he was clearly not referring to online dating services, I'm sure you've felt like shouting this at your phone or computer screen after another failed [insert dating app name here] date. You really had high hopes for this one, but once again you were let down. Don't blame the app, and pleeaase don't blame yourself.

Blame Louisiana instead.

According to All Home Connections, the success potential for your app may be based on where you live. AT&T compared states across the country on demographics, safety and opportunity to determine the 2018 Best & Worst States for Online Dating. Let's not beat around the rose bushes here, Louisiana did terribly.

In fact Louisiana is in the bottom five, making them one of the worst.

Louisiana managed a poor 48 ranking and only saw Mississippi, New Mexico and Arkansas do worse. It all boils down to three issues; lack of interest, low percentages of singles, and high unemployment rates. Now, to really blow out the candle on this romantic Valentine's Day dinner, all three states in the Ark-La-Tex fell in the bottom 10. Arkansas came in dead last.

However, we were given some hope. If you want to press on and use a dating app, despite this news, I applaud you. There have been dating success stories. So if you want to use an app, AT&T recommends using the dating app, Bumble.

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