I'll be honest, as a father of two little girls, I was nervous heading into this school year.

This school year was a mystery just a few months ago, to say the very least. If you're a parent like me, you didn't know what the 2020-2021 school year would look like just a few months ago. Now, we're a month and a half into this thing and I gotta say, things have been great. That's certainly the case for my two girls, River and Rosie. Both are at Fairfield Elementary Magnet, with my youngest starting kindergarten this year. I was super worried about the school year for her, my little Rosie. Kindergarten is just such a special year, I wanted to make sure it felt normal and fun for her.

I don't think many f us expected schools to fully open so quickly, and if we did expect that, I'm sure we also expected COVID-outbreaks galore, but that hasn't been the case. Schools K-12 all over our state have done their part to limit spread of COVID-19, and I think they deserve our praise and recognition for that.

So far the state has only seen 495 total reported cases of COVID in K-12 students and 1063 cases in school staff since the fall semester began.

Granted, as the flu season quickly approaches, it's safe to expect a ramp in cases, but so far, job well done!



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