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Robertus Pudyanto /Getty Images
Robertus Pudyanto /Getty Images

Facebook bragging has once again served as one of the most useful tools for law enforcement in today's society.  Add a heaping helping of ignorance on this one and you've got the perfect recipe for some huge fines and possible jail time!

According to the Louisiana Radio Network's Matt Doyle, two Asian Water Buffalo living on a ranch in Plaquemines Parish were illegally killed and slaughtered by four hunters.

In fact, Ag Commissioner, Mike Strain says these guys killed the animals and then started bragging about their deeds on Facebook. “They shot them, slaughtered them, and then posted on Facebook, we then received a tip on Facebook and we did the investigation and these individuals have been arrested.”

Arrested were 30 year old Andrew Crawford, 35 year old Billy Johnson, 37 year old Randall Siebert, and 32 year old Lane Siebert.   Strain says they each face felony charges as a result.  “These are felonies, the value of the livestock stolen and killed is $10,000. These are people’s property, water buffalo are livestock, and you cannot go and shoot someone’s livestock.”

Strain goes on to say, “If someone comes to you and says, I’m going to take you on an exotic hunt for a fee, make sure you are going to a real game park.”

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