With all the bad news involving Louisiana in polls lately, let's spend some time focusing on the good.

If you've been online at all lately, you've probably seen he national polls painting our great state in a poor light. Another week, another "Louisiana Ranked Worst State in the Country" poll and everyone is sharing it.

Instead of focusing on those, let's share around the good news. I think the fact that Louisiana has hit a record high when it comes to our four-year graduation rate is cause for celebration.

This has been a good year for our state, education-wise, with the class of 2018 setting records for the class size, and number of students to receive TOPS, and now we have the best news of all.

81.4 Percent of Louisiana students locked down a four-year-graduation rate. That's up nearly four percent from last year.

Congrats to the class of '18 and let's all hope our state continues the great work!

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