I think we can all agree that drug dealers are bad for society.  If you find yourself on the fence regarding that last statement - can we at least agree that violent drug dealers that go by the nickname "Hitler," run multi-state drug trafficking, and hire killers to murder their business partners are bad?

According to KATC, that's what the new charges levied against Marcus "Hitler" Etienne, his wife Elizabeth Gobert, and several co-conspirators claim.  The allegations state that Marcus was the leader of the so called "Etienne Enterprise,"  an organization that bought, packaged, and shipped marijuana from California to Louisiana and Texas.  To make matters worse, the syndicate is also accused to running the entire operation (allegedly including hiring a hit man to kill a business associate) out of Etinne's Mother-in-law's daycare business, Fran's Daycare, in Opelousas.

You can read the full indictment filed by a US District Court in California here.

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