Cancer is an awful disease that affects far too many people in Louisiana. Most of us know someone or are someone who has fought that fight. In addition to the many non-profit organizations and incredible medical facilities that are helping to eradicate this malady from our lives, there is also help from state and local governments.

In a recent study released by the American Cancer Society, Louisiana was found to be in the middle of road, so to speak, in regards to laws that affect and enhance cancer treatments.

The place where we made the most progress this year was the access to care group and that is certainly because Governor Edwards signed the Medicaid expansion into law.

ACS Director of Government Relations for Louisiana Lydia Kuykendal made those comments to the  Louisiana Radio Network. Her comments suggested that our state could certainly improve the legal aspect of fighting cancer for its citizens but Louisiana also does a lot of things very well.

We have three areas, three of the 10 are green. I think the state with the best had seven of 10 were green. So you know we’re doing better than others states in some areas, need some catching up in others.

Kuykendal is referring to the ACS Survey in her comments. Green means excellent, other than green means the state could show improvement. One particular area where state law could impact the impact of cancer was smoking.

We have very low tobacco taxes. Even with recent increases we are nowhere near the average of $1.65 a pack for cigarettes.