The social media site Facebook has oversimplified the concept of a relationship. With the click of a mouse, a person can go from single to in a relationship to it's complicated to enough already we're tired of reading your whiny song lyric posts. Real love happens in real life and the Louisiana Family Forum is looking to celebrate Louisiana's longest and most enduring relationships this Valentine's Day.

If you know of a couple that has been married for more than 70 years, Gene Mills, President of the Louisiana Family Forum would like for you to contact his office.

We love to identify those couples and honor them in a special and unique way.

The Top 10 Longest Married Couples in the state will be honored with a very special recognition and will be included in the  Louisiana Family Forum’s “Marriage Hall of Fame.”

Currently, the tops for longest marriage in the state belongs to Lawrence and Varrie Player of Benton. The Player's honeymoon has been ongoing for the past 82 years. Mills admitted to the Lousiana Radio Network that number is going to be tough to beat.

So we have reigning champions for the third straight year, unless and until we find out someone in your listening audience has a couple that can compete with that.

If you would like to nominate a couple for this very romantic and unique distinction you may call the Louisiana Family Forum at (800) 606-6470

Send their name and their story along to our team, we would love to honor your friend or your family member.

Entries will be accepted by the Louisiana Family Forum until February 5th, 2017.

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