Are you ready to reap the benefits of having a gorgeous fiberglass in-ground pool at your Louisiana home? Do you need the liner replaced in your pool? Whether you want a fiberglass pool installed or the liner in your current pool replaced, you’ll get the help you need from Sand Dollar Pools.



Our pool installation and liner replacement contractors have the experience to meet all of your swimming pool needs. Take the first step toward a beautiful pool by scheduling an initial consultation with the technicians at Sand Dollar Pools.

We're the only local, licensed pool contractor serving Bossier City and Shreveport in Louisiana and Longview, Texas.



LOVE Billy and Brian!!!! They are doing an AWESOME job on my pool!! Love the stone around the edges!! They are measuring for the liner today!!!! ~ Laura, July 2017

Wonderful job on our new liner!!!! Thank you for taking care of us & being professional & speedy!!!! ~ Shelley, March 2017

I enjoyed my experience with Sand Dollar Pools. They and I created a beautiful fiberglass pool with a raised "fusion" above the main pool. We added tiles and flagstone making it look like the finest of gunites. Better than any gunite I've ever had! It is virtually MAINTENANCE FREE!!!! Try it folks, with Billy, Brian, Alex and the gang. They even put up with my homeowners association! I say go for it!!!! ~ Pamela, June 2017