What do you do if you are amazingly strong, able to use your unique gifts to accomplish physical acts that mere men can barely imagine? But, what if, at the same time, you are called to the ministry, to preach, to spread the Word of the Lord across, not only America, but the world? Well, men possessing these rare talents do indeed walk among us. And they are known as "Lifted In Faith."

Have you ever seen a man tear a license plate in half like it was a piece of paper? That’s what one Lifted In Faith member does soon after taking the stage.And that's only one of the unbelievable feats of strength that the Lifted In Faith team performs. They tear phone books in half, rip an entire deck of cards down the middle, break baseball bats over their legs (metal and wood, one of each), and bend steel poles into loops.

‘Lifted In Faith’ was begun in 2010 by Brad Hornback, who says he was, ‘Moved by The Lord to spread His Word, using the gifts He gave me.’

Since then he and ‘Lifted’ team members have traveled the world - from preschools to prisons - preaching and amazing thousands with their abilities.

To get information on booking Lifted In Faith for your church, school, etc., JUST CLICK HERE! or visit their page on Facebook.

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