"Let's go girls" is my cue to stop whatever I am doing and grab the nearest thing to me that can be used as a microphone and go to town. I have been a Shania Twain fan from the moment I first heard "Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under". Do you remember all the drama with her cheating husband, and her so called best friend? Yes, I am still very much bitter. I remember thinking, this poor lady needs to catch a break. Shortly after her split with her cheating husband she was diagnosed with Dysphonia which is often associated with Lyme Disease. So many fans were convinced that Shania Twain would not make it back on to a stage and perform.

One thing that I can say about watching Shania Twain's career as a fan, this woman is a fighter! Her latest song that will be on her album "Now" is definitely my new summer anthem. We all need a feel good song, and it's worthy of blowing my car speakers when Shania Twain's voice and songwriting is behind it.

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