We are all scrambling to make sure that everyone on our Christmas list has what they need. Are you missing a gift for the most important person in your life? Your Grandma? Mom? Sister? Wife? Here are 5 last minute gift ideas she is sure to love.

1. Portable cell phone charger. Sick of her always complaining about her phone dying? Problem fixed, we can't fix the fact that she will make you take 56 different pictures just to find the good angle.

2. Her favorite perfume. It may not be your favorite scent, but if she is running low on one of her favorites stock her up! Maybe she just needs some travel sized perfumes. She will love it either way. MAKE SURE YOU CHECK THE LABEL. Get the right perfume, not the stinky one her co-worker wears.

3. Gift card to her favorite store. If you call her and ask where she is and she answers that she's at her favorite store yet again this week give her a gift card to that specific store. Don't forget to include a cute note!

4. A Robe. Yup, a robe, kimono style, cloth robe, whatever it is, she will love it! Find out her preference first. Then go for it! Soma Intimates has some cute options if you can't find any at TJ Maxx or Marshall's.

5. Treat Yo Self Day! You know where she likes to get her pedicures and manicures, you know her favorite restaurant and her favorite place to grab a coffee. Set her up with a "Treat Yo Self" day! Gift her the stack of gift cards with instructions, aka let her know she needs to take the whole day and enjoy it. Of course dinner should be planned with you to end the day!



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