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UPDATE: A law enforcement source tells KEEL News that the situation revolves around an officer involved shooting. The source indicated that the police are investigating a death at the CenturyLink Center.

The Louisiana State Police released a statement this afternoon that indicated there was a struggle between a suspect and a Bossier City Police Officer. Their statement reads:

"The officer made contact with the subject and a struggle occurred. During the altercation, the subject was shot."

The State Police also say the incident stemmed from a carjacking in the CenturyLink Center parking lot. Witnesses say they saw a Bossier City work truck smashed in one of the parking lots when police had sectioned off the area as a crime scene.

Original Story: A large police presence has been at the CenturyLink Center for most of the afternoon. Whatever is happening started just before 1 pm and is continuing at the moment. The entire parking lot is seemingly being marked as a crime scene. From the road, lookers on can see what appears to be a city truck crashed into a tree as well as a large number of Bossier City Police, Bossier Parish Sheriff's Deputies, State Police and emergency vehicles. At this time, no official statement on what is happening has been released.

However, KEEL has been told by multiple sources that the incident is related to a high speed chase and possible officer involved shooting. What we're hearing through anonymous tips is that a suspect allegedly wrecked a stolen vehicle and attempted to steal another. We're also hearing that during the attempt to steal a second vehicle, the alleged suspect and police had an altercation resulting in the suspect being shot and wounded.

Again, those reports are unconfirmed by Bossier City Police or any other agency on scene. At this time, KEEL is waiting for an official statement from law enforcement involved in the incident.

This is a developing story and we will keep you posted with updates as we get them.

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