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David McNew/Getty Images
David McNew/Getty Images

So, I guess I'm a little slow to the party, because I had no idea that the requirement for Louisiana unemployment beneficiaries to document their search for work had been relaxed, but on April 7th, the governor waived it in light of the COVID-19 concerns. And that's totally understandable, but now that requirement has returned.

In a story from the Louisiana Radio Network, the State of Louisiana is now requiring any person receiving unemployment benefits to apply for a minimum of three jobs each week to continue receiving those benefits.

Louisiana Workforce Commission Assistant Secretary Robert Wooley says he knows the situation is difficult, but there are jobs out there.


“We just wanted to let individuals know that there are thousands of jobs available and this might be considered an opportunity,” says Wooley.

He adds that if you apply for a job through those applications will autofill  when you submit your weekly unemployment certification.  However, if you apply by phone or another website you’ll have to note the name and address of the business.

Wooley goes on to say that for those who are looking, there are a lot jobs available right now. “If you look on we have a job section that has a lot of jobs available, some even with the state of Louisiana.”

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