Larry Seibert an investment and startup guru. He'll be mentoring our local entrepreneurs in the first Louisiana Startup Prize event of the year.

Each year Louisiana Startup Prize gives entrepreneurs from every level of the playing field a chance to make their business dreams a reality. Throughout the competition, these competitors receive expert advice while gaining resources and networking with their peers. It's invaluable to those looking to launch their own business as it is both educational and competitive with a large prize for the winner.

Each entrepreneur attends the Prize's qualifying events, like the one being held this weekend.

June 2-4 LA Startup Prize will host their first Qualifying Event of 2017. This weekend's keynote speaker is the President and Co-founder of Kilowatt Labs, Larry Seibert. The company is the first energy server enabling 24-hour power from renewable energy sources, 100 to be exact. Seibert will be speaking 4-5 p.m. at ArtStation on Saturday, June 3.

This event is free and open to the public, regardless if you are competing or not. Although this weekend's event is sold out, you can attend future Qualifying Event. Stay up to date on LA Startup Prize's Facebook page.

The winner of this year's Startup Prize competition will receive a grand prize of cash and professional consulting services worth $75,000. Those who compete and don't win, gain priceless exposure of their business ventures to several potential investors.

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