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At this point, I think a lot of people have coming around to getting the COVID-19 vaccine.  Even my family members that are the most susceptible to wild conspiracy theories are starting to come around to getting the shot in order to protect themselves and the ones they love (even if it has a microchip in it so our Lizard-people overlords can track how many Funyuns we are consuming).

Maybe it has to do with the incentive programs popping up like Louisiana's "Shot at a Million" contest that is literally going to give $1,000,000 to one lucky, and vaccinated resident.  If so, it looks like Baton Rouge Judge Fred Crifasi may just have the perfect incentive program for some outlaws that find themselves in his courtroom.

According to the American Press, Judge Crifasi feels that the COVID-19 issue in Louisiana is doing so bad in regard to the percentage of inoculated individuals - getting the shot to protect everyone is the very definition of "community service."  In an e-mailed statement the judge had this to say:

“We are currently in a serious predicament in Louisiana. So, if a probation candidate is inclined to get vaccinated, I will grant credit for that effort towards any requirement of community service. The amount of hours varies and depends on the person’s circumstances. It is not a mandate. If a person is not inclined, they do not have to do it.”

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