Don't let the title of Koe Wetzel's "Kuntry & Wistern" fool you: The brand-new track leans heavily into '90s rock influences. Press play above to listen.

Wetzel's feeling incredibly bitter about an ended relationship, and a little gaslit by his former love. "I think I've lost my f--kin' mind, at least that's what you told me / I think I must be goin' blind, your love’s been hard for me to see / You said that everything was fine, then you pushed me off the edge," he sings in the chorus over a melody reminiscent of rock bands Everclear and Linkin Park.

On Twitter, Wetzel says he released "Kuntry & Wistern" because he "got sick of quarantine and made a new song." He's one of many artists getting creative during their time off the road and isolated from others, measures to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Wetzel has earned a reputation as one of the Lone Star State’s most high-energy and engaging performers since the release of his debut album, 2016's Noise Complaint. In 2019, he surprised fans with the release of a long-awaited new album, Harold Saul High. "Kuntry & Wistern" is his first new music since then.

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