Her fans asked for a closet tour, and Kelsea Ballerini came through in a big way.

The "Hole in the Bottle" singer is on TikTok and posts quite often. You can find Ballerini sitting in her closet in a few of her videos, causing fans to be very intrigued at what the country star’s closet looked like.

From her videos, you can tell that between the wallpapered ceiling and rows stacked with clothes, this isn’t your everyday closet!

“Okay, I asked what you guys wanted to see. A lot of you said closet tour, so closet tour time,” Ballerini introduces her video in front of her closet door. Then, when she swings it open — whoa!

“Closet vibes. She cute," the singer expresses how she feels about her get-ready room. The closet is fit for every fashionista’s dream!

With floor to ceiling racks for her clothes, a chandelier hanging above the winder (because, why not?!), a little nook to sit in and admire her clothing, hardwood floors and whimsical feather wallpaper, we’re shocked Ballerini ever wants to leave.

One thing is for sure after watching the video…she has a shoe addiction! There were too many to count.

“Over here are all my shoes. I’m a little bit of a shoe hoarder. I can’t help it,” she confesses as she pans the camera up and down the various shoes on display.

Now here’s the important question… do you think her husband Morgan Evans' closet is as elaborate?

When Ballerini isn’t admiring her closet goods, you can find her working on her health in 2021. She recently shared on social media that she has a “word of the year.” Her word this year is "healthy."

"I want to nurture and focus on my physical, mental and emotional health that all took a bit of a backseat last year (anyone else?) Having a word for the year helps me stay focused and keeps my intentions set while I try to live a full life, stay creative and be productive," she writes in an Instagram caption.

The post wasn't just about her intentions in the new year; it also included a challenge for her fans to do the same.

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