Keith Urban is racking up appearances with classic rockers as of late. He jammed onstage with the Rolling Stones in L.A. in early May. Now, the singer and guitarist has performed with the Allman Brothers Band member Gregg Allman and his son Devon Allman.

Gregg Allman is revered as a classic rock icon, as are the Stones, so Urban is certainly earning his cred in that genre. Obviously, players in that genre respect him since they kept performing with him.

Urban posted footage of his guitar-driven jam session with father and son at the Ryman, which took place last night, Friday, June 28. He deemed it a "helluva Friday night" in his tweet in which he shared the video.

The footage is fuzzy, but you can still hear the guitar magic that this trio made together while performing.

If we didn't know any better, we might think that Urban's actress wife Nicole Kidman might get jealous, since he really does make love to his guitar when playing it! It's apparent that Urban loves his guitar almost as much as he loves the woman he is married to.


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