Texas country group Josh Abbott Band have released the emotional music video for the band's current single, "Amnesia."

The track is featured on their latest record, Front Row Seat. The project follows the timeline of a relationship from butterfly-filled first dates to initial feelings of love, followed by marriage and a heartbreaking fallout that results in a relationship lost forever. Front Row Seat is largely influenced by Abbott's recent divorce.

"Amnesia" reflects the last installment of the relationship evolution. The video ties along with that theme, as the narrator of the story is doing everything he can to forget the one he lost.

In the sensitive video, Abbott is shown going to extreme measures to wipe his memory. He pays visits to medical doctors who offer procedures to put his mind at ease. The screen flashes between scenes of a distressed Abbott and flashbacks to happier times with his lover.

The ending will tug at viewers' heartstrings as the audience learns that Abbott's video wife died and that she was with child.

"I didn’t want the video to be predictable," Abbott tells Entertainment Weekly. "In other words, I didn’t want it to be about divorce or breaking up. I wanted those words to be felt dramatically, in a situation that was even more hopeless."

Abbott's fans are reacting positively to the message of the song.

"You should see the tweets I get every day about ‘Amnesia,'" he says, "about people relating to that and wanting to forget an ex."

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