The Barn Swallows win another round in the Jimmie Davis Bridge debacle. The State DOTD has issued a news release effectively cancelling the current contract to rehab the bridge.

PCL Contractors won the initial bid for work on the project which is expected to cost about $23 and a half million dollars. DOTD and the contractor apparently can not come to an agreement on how to deal with the birds who have been nesting under the bridge for years.

This essentially puts the project back to square one as the project will now have to be re-bid. The work is expected to include re-decking and making structural repairs. New lighting is planned and the bridge is expected to be painted purple.

Here's part of the release from DOTD:

The Department has determined that for reasons beyond the control of both DOTD and PCL Civil Constructors, Inc., the project can’t be completed as originally contracted.

The contract has been terminated because of the inability to reach an agreement with the contractor on a plan or a price to address cliff swallows, a protected species of bird inhabiting the bridge.

So what happens now? Will the money still be in the state budget to move forward with this project?

Here's more from the news release:

DOTD is diligently working on the next steps to move forward with this project, and it is important to note that the money allocated for this rehabilitation remains allocated to the La. 511 Jimmie Davis Bridge. While DOTD realizes the termination of the contract presents a delay of this project, it is imperative that the department act with the best interest of the state of Louisiana and its citizens in mind.



Prep work on the bridge was expected to start May 24th with the closing of the bridge planned for August. PCL won the contract in December of 2014.