Jennifer Nettles recently visited the BUILD series in New York to discuss her involvement in World Vision's #ShineBright movement this holiday season. The country singer encouraged people to give back with her visit on Giving Tuesday (Nov. 28), as she explained how #ShineBright assists in providing livestock, medicine and other necessities to families in need throughout the world.

During her visit, Nettles brought along some friends to help her pitch -- and things didn't go exactly according to plan. Two alpacas and a goat joined Nettles on stage, serving as examples of the type of animal that can be gifted to those in need as part of World Vision’s program.

Around 12 minutes into her discussion, the goat began to do its business on the floor. “When you gotta go, you gotta go,” Nettles remarked, unruffled, as she continued to explain the organization's initiative. “Each animal is given to an appropriate cultural match. They provide an economy for these families.”

Nettles also discussed her reunion with Sugarland's Kristian Bush and the decision to join forces after four years of separate solo projects.

“In terms of inspiration, we are just now in the writing process,” she explained. “But what we have always done, both jointly and separately, is take from your own experience and you write what you know. Even if it’s not your own story — because I’ve written stories that are for a narrative sake that aren’t my story — you can’t help but write yourself and your truth into them.”

Perhaps one of her newfound furry friends will pose for the upcoming Sugarland album cover!

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