From the moment that young Memphis Aldean made his entry into the world back in December, he has been the apple of his parents' (Jason Aldean and wife Brittany) eyes.

But from what his daddy says, they are not the only ones. Aldean's two older daughters, Keeley and Kendyl, are smitten with the baby, as well.

“They’ve been really good with him, you know, both of them — but especially Kendyl,” Aldean explains during a recent interview with Kix Brooks on American Country Countdown. “She’s 10, and she’s the one who wants to really help out a lot—feed him, burp him and change him. She sits there on the couch with him and watches TV, and hangs out with him.”

Aldean’s older daughter can’t resist Memphis, either, even if she relates to him on a more cool, teenage level. “Keeley, she’s 15 now, so she’s a teenager, and she likes to hang out in her room and listen to music and talk on the phone or do whatever she’s doing, and so she’ll come down and hang for a little bit and then she’s back up there," says the singer. "I’ll hear her up there playing some music. She’s started learning to play guitar, so she’ll be up in her room, you know, doing that kind of stuff. But, yeah, they’re tight with him, which is cool."

In February, Brittany Aldean proved her husband's words true by sharing a pic of the girls taking care of their little brother, calling them “the sweetest sisters.” This adorable attention for little Memphis from his big sisters will definitely be a big help to his parents over the summer, as Aldean will embark on his High Noon Neon Tour on May 10.

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