Jana Kramer may only be 34 years old, but by the time she has her second baby (a boy, due in November), she'll be just about to turn 35. While that's hardly bumping up against old age either, she personally thinks that's about the right time to stop having babies.

"After 35, it's basically a geriatric pregnancy," the singer told Us Weekly last week. "I wanna be done. I wanna live the rest of my 30s getting in shape and just taking care."

Kramer's husband, former NFL player Mike Caussin, is even younger than her—a mere 31—but he's done, too, and the couple says he will be getting a vasectomy.

Although both husband and wife are physically shutting down for business in that arena, the pair haven't ruled out raising more children: "If we have any more, it will be adoption," Caussin noted.

Kramer and Caussin revealed last month that they are expecting a son, who will join 2-year-old big sister Jolie Rae.

Kramer's straight-up personal talk regarding her childbearing choices is not surprising, as the singer has been open with fans about her life. She's been particularly frank about the considerable challenges her marriage and family have endured, ranging from infidelity to miscarriages to addiction.

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